200W Spindle

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    Spindle motor: new DC motor Operating voltage: 12-48VDC Power: 200W Speed: 3000-12000r/min (12V-3000 rpm, 24V-6000 rpm, 36V-9000 rpm, 48V-12000 rpm) Torque:280mN.m Insulation resistance: >2 Mohm Insulation dielectric strength: 400V Diameter: 52mm Chuck part..
    • Spindle motor: new DC motor 
    • Operating voltage: 12-48VDC 
    • Power: 200W 
    • Speed: 3000-12000r/min (12V-3000 rpm, 24V-6000 rpm, 36V-9000 rpm, 48V-12000 rpm) 
    • Torque:280mN.m 
    • Insulation resistance: >2 Mohm 
    • Insulation dielectric strength: 400V 
    • Diameter: 52mm 
    • Chuck part length: Arbor part contains nut and sandwich 41MM 
    • Chuck part of the diameter: 16mm (clip default with 3.175MM) 
    • Total length of motor: 141mm (including clamping area and motor) 
    • Spindle net weight: 0.68KG 
    • Spindle radial runout is about 0.01-0.03. 

    Note : This motor does not have a fan. Do not work continuously for a long time!

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