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    Soft PLA 1.75mm Filament For 3D Printer Flexible Material 1KG/0.5KG Plastic Rubber Consumables Material For 3D Printers Soft Specification:1.1.75mm ,Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm2.Color:BLACK3.1KG/Roll , Vacuum sealed packaging4.Nozzle Printing Temperature :200-225 C5. Heatbed Temperature : 0..
    Soft PLA 1.75mm Filament For 3D Printer Flexible Material 1KG/0.5KG Plastic Rubber Consumables Material For 3D Printers Soft
    1.1.75mm ,Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm
    3.1KG/Roll , Vacuum sealed packaging
    4.Nozzle Printing Temperature :200-225 C
    5. Heatbed Temperature : 0 C or 60-80 C
    6.Raw material from High quality USA Natural.
    7. PLA is environmental biomaterial ,extracted from Corn, biodegradable.
    8.PLA has high intensity and stiffness, surface gloss and smooth, no odor during printing
    9.PLA can avoid curling and warping during printing
    10. This is soft PLA  filament , can print soft things.
    Soft PLA is a flexible material that acts and feels much like rubber. This material’s hardness makes it perfect for 3D printed tank treads, 
    robot wheels, belts, springs, phone cases, tires, machine parts, kids toys, and more. 
    Can be used to print parts that must flex or bend to fit their environment.
    Some applications of Soft PLA
    Phone cases.
    Some interesting facts about Soft PLA
    This filament is PLA filament mixed with a chemical to promote rubbery, tough and soft characteristics.
    This flexible PLA will allow you to create prints with similar properties to durable rubber.
    3D Printing with soft PLA : Tips and Tricks 
    Set your hot end temperature between 200 and 225°C.
    We recommend printing Soft PLA slightly slower than normal PLA. No heated bed is necessary.
    Soft PLA must be printed on a prepared surface for correct adhesion.
    Quality Control
    To achieve high quality production, the right equipment is needed and it must be accurate. Also, chemical knowledge of the formula, a
     production area with high standards and quality control policy that ensures the product is reliable and the required characteristics 
    and performance of the end product are as should be- all these are needed and provided. 
    Our laboratory is fully equipped with the necessary machinery and a four-point control:
    The melting point of the material
    The level of moisture
    The Hardness
    And diameter control with a range of error less than 0.02mm.
    All Filaments share the same properties and the best possible quality.
    High Standard Packaging
    Silica Gel to absorb moisture
    Hermetically sealed membrane
    Heavy duty cardboard box to protect your filament and of course
    Your filament of choice.

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