MAXWELL Yellow, Dark RAL 7406C PLA +

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    Product description: Diameter: 1.75mm COLOR: YELLOW 7406C Tolerance roundness: ±0.03mm Baseplate temperature: Unheated /50-60? Print temperature: 195-210? Net weight: 1KG/Roll(Vacuum bag and Desiccant;) Apply: Makerbot, UP, Cubify, Leapfrog, Creatr, Builder, Reprap..
    Product description:
    Diameter: 1.75mm
    Tolerance roundness: ±0.03mm
    Baseplate temperature: Unheated /50-60?
    Print temperature: 195-210?
    Net weight: 1KG/Roll(Vacuum bag and Desiccant;)
    Apply: Makerbot, UP, Cubify, Leapfrog, Creatr, Builder, Reprap,  Felix, Ultimaker,Ect.
    PLA (Polylactic Acid)
    PLA (Polylactic Acid)- environmentally friendly 3D printing material.
    The environmental protection non-toxic and biodegradable.
    Is thermoplastic aliphatic polyester made of renewable resources like corn or starch. Its extrusion-temperature is much lower than ABS, 
    and most often doesn’t require a heated bed.
    It is the “default” recommended material for many desktop 3D printers.
    Product Features:
    1. Professional modification, high strength;
    2. Good toughness, small shrinkage,no drawing,no warping;
    3. Environmental safety protection and biodegradable materials,Non-toxic,stable in performance,smell like corn.
    (solid color and transparent color difference is pervious to light).
    1. Can droop if at high temperature, for example,if it is left in a hot car in the summer time.
    2. High strength,but easy to cracking before printing,usually is artificial.
    Production quality control
    1 laser detect kits to control extruding rate on line, when diameter smaller or higher than accept range, 
    the laser detect kits will adjust the extruding rate higher or smaller to make diameter range at acceptable.
    2 Keep each record filament samples sent to customers, build a tracking able document.
    3 when the filament put on shelf longer than half a year, we will dry the filament again.
    About waste & recycle
    high-technology enterprise,manufacture high performance 3D materials,with strong R&D,distribution and sales capabilities. 
    The highest quality is our goal.
    Isn't produced with scrap outlet, rework&recycle material, or dispose, but for quality assurance purpose.
    Safe packing
    spool on vacuum heated bag with desiccant, one spool in one small box;
    special color formulation, plastic modification, packaging, quality control, producing control; we can do according to your requirements.
    Safe Packing 
    1. Spool: Black;
    2. Package: 8/12/16 box/carton;
    3. Net weight: 1kg/spool
    4. Gross weight: 1.45/kg/spool
    5. Vacuum package & Desiccant ;
    6. Spool size: dia.20cm X 6.5cm height, inner hole isd ia.5.4 cm.
    PVA spool size: dia.20cm X 3.7cm height, inner hole ids ia.5.7cm

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