GT2 PULLEY 20T for 10mm belt -- bore 8MM

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    • Product Code: GT2 PULLEY 20T for 10mm belt -- bore 8MM
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    Product DescriptionSpecifications: Tooth width: 7.5MMInner: 8MM - Two M4 keyhole 90° distributionOutside diameter: 16MMTooth number: 20Tooth pitch: 2mmHole diameter: 8MM Flange: double2PS Setscrews: M4X4 (Stainless steel)Material: Aluminum..

    Product Description



    Tooth width: 7.5MM

    Inner: 8MM - 

    Two M4 keyhole 90° distribution

    Outside diameter: 16MM

    Tooth number: 20

    Tooth pitch: 2mm

    Hole diameter: 8MM 

    Flange: double

    2PS Setscrews: M4X4 (Stainless steel)

    Material: Aluminum

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